Welcome to your journey to becoming a 

Reading Ninja Black Belt!

The Reading Ninjas Program is a reading program for first and second graders at Highland Elementary School. All first and second graders are invited to participate and make their way through the ranks until they earn their Reading Ninja Black Belt (and some fun prizes)! 

Students will advance through the colored belts by reading 10 books in different categories over the course of the school year. The book categories can be found if you click on "Book List," and books can be read individually or together with an adult or older sibling. Once a student has read a book, don't forget to use the google form to "Report Your Reading." Updates on the students' progress will be given during library time (if your student is attending in person) or via email (if your student is attending online). 

You can start your student's journey to becoming a Reading Ninja today! Watch the video below to hear "The Story of Mikey the Ninja," then click on "Book List" to get some ideas of what to read. Happy reading, Ninjas!

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